What is the problem?

Post-harvest loss occurs at every stage of agricultural supply chains and costs companies and the Kenyan economy millions annually. These costs will continue to mount if Kenyan agriculture fails to address climate change and ignores the huge opportunity that women and youth present. To address post-harvest loss, we propose a unique convening of the brightest minds to hack innovative solutions.


… to compete in a hackathon on post-harvest loss. In partnership with AICCRA, Alliance of Biodiversity International and CIAT, and A4IP, we are excited to launch Kenya AgriHack to develop innovative, climate-smart and gender-responsive solutions to reduce post-harvest losses in the cereals, horticulture and dairy value chains. This will be held in Nairobi, Kenya on the 8th & 9th of November 2023, at a venue to be disclosed. The application deadline is October 6th, 2023.

Why enter?

Awards & prizes

USD 5,000

USD 3,000

USD 2,000

Post-hackathon technical assistance and mentorship

Join the Accelerate For Impact Platform (A4IP) global community of innovators

Access to world class research and innovation facilities offered by A4IP

For scientists and researchers: An opportunity to collaborate with private sector


Key challenges to address include:

  • Market linkages
  • Knowledge gaps
  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Access to finance
  • Supply chain

Solutions may include:

  • New technologies
  • Innovative service offerings
  • Collaborations or partnerships
  • Financial products or services


        We call on innovators to hack solutions that are climate-smart and gender-responsive to reduce post-harvest losses in these value chains:

        • Cereal
        • Horticulture
        • Dairy

        Who can enter

        • Farmers in the cereals, horticulture and dairy value chains
        • Agri-processors
        • Agri-corporates
        • Researchers/Scientists/Academics
        • Entrepreneurs in the agri-space
        • Aggregators/Transporters/Logistics experts
        • Tech innovators

                      Key Dates

                      •   6 October 2023: Application deadline
                      • 16 October 2023: Teams announced
                      • 23 October 2023: Virtual webinar 1 | Team info session
                      • 30 October 2023: Virtual webinar 2 | Problem validation and pre-design
                      • 8 and 9 November 2023: Hackathon (in-person)
                      • 9 November 2023: Award ceremony

                                Frequently Asked Questions

                                Do I need to be in a team to apply?

                                No. Individuals are encouraged to apply and the Kenya AgriHack team will assign them into teams.

                                Are you looking for technology or digital solutions?

                                We are looking for technology and digital solutions; as well as solutions in finance models, logistics, transport, storage, ways to create market linkages and much more.

                                I am based outside of Nairobi. Can I still apply?

                                Yes. However we will not cater for your transport or accommodation as you participate in the Kenya AgriHack.

                                Why do you need my CV?

                                We need to know what expertise you bring to the Kenya AgriHack. This will facilitate alignment into teams and with mentors.

                                Do I need internet access to participate in the hackathon?

                                Yes. The Kenya AgriHack includes 2 virtual webinars in advance of the 2 day, in-person event on 8th & 9th November.

                                About The Rallying Cry

                                The Rallying Cry operates at the nexus of gender and climate change on the African continent with an initial focus on agribusiness. Our work is about solving problems, identifying opportunities and shifting capital into the hands of entrepreneurs while integrating gender-responsive and climate-smart strategies into their business models. We work at the ecosystem level to drive change and surface innovation through multi-stakeholder facilitation, engagement and collaboration.

                                We are pleased to partner with CGIAR network teams to deliver exciting programmes that bring gender and climate to the forefront and the right stakeholders to the table. Our collaborations, including the Kenya AgriHack, combine private sector business practicalities with leading edge science, research and technical assistance for transformational shifts in agriculture and food systems.

                                Our Partners

                                AICCRA works to make climate information services and climate-smart agriculture more accessible to millions of small holder farmers across Africa. With better access to technology and advisory services – linked to information about effective response measures – farmers can better anticipate climate-related events to take preventative action that helps their communities safeguard livelihoods and the environment.

                                AICCRA has teams in six countries: Senegal, Ghana, Mali, Ethiopia, Kenya and Zambia. These teams collaborate with four AICCRA themes – Knowledge, Partnerships, Innovation, and Gender and social inclusion. While these teams focus on accelerating impact in AICCRA focus countries, AICCRA also has a number of regional initiatives that complement national activities to deliver benefits for a broader range of stakeholders across East, West and Southern Africa.

                                In 2019, Bioversity International and CIAT joined forces to create the Alliance of Bioversity International and the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), a global organization building on their complementary mandates and long collaboration, to respond to today’s global challenges of climate change, biodiversity loss, environmental degradation, and malnutrition. 

                                The Alliance of Bioversity International and CIAT delivers research-based solutions that harness agricultural biodiversity and sustainably transform food systems to improve people’s lives. To do so, the Alliance works with local, national and multinational partners across Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and Africa, and with the public and private sectors. With partners, the Alliance generates evidence and mainstreams innovations in large-scale programs to create food systems and landscapes that sustain the planet, drive prosperity and nourish people in a climate crisis. 

                                The Accelerate for Impact Platform (A4IP) is a venture space that builds on CGIAR’s legacy of Research and Innovation to support both incremental and transformational innovation to address some of the world’s most pressing challenges at the nexus of agriculture, environment, and health. A4IP bridges science and entrepreneurship to incubate and accelerate scientific ventures for spin-offs, such as start-ups, that directly respond to market demand and generate both impact and the resources needed to support continued research in pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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