Our planet. Our legacy.
The time is now.

The Rallying Cry is an ecosystem initiative at the intersection of climate and gender. As a catalytic intermediary, our objective is to shift capital and narratives for inclusive private-sector climate leadership and solutions.
Our mission is to elevate new leadership and catalyse investment approaches to scale climate and gender smart solutions across Africa.

thought leadership report 2022

This report seeks to surface new ways to bring African women-led agribusinesses and capital together to grow and scale climate solutions.

“Our shared future depends on every agribusiness finding ways of providing high-value, nutritious and safe fruits and vegetables for generations to come.
How we treat the soil will impact all of us, so we better start now. There is no time to waste.
I am playing my part. It is time global leaders played theirs.”

– Mulenga Lusafya-Mwitwa

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